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Article - 23 min read

12 Inspiring eCommerce Email Marketing Examples for Your Next Newsletter

With today's competition in eCommerce, standing out from the crowd is crucial, and email marketing is still a powerful tool...

Article - 19 min read

13 eCommerce Email Marketing Statistics You Need to Know

No doubt, you've poured your blood, sweat, and, let's face it, a fair share of coffee into building your email...

Article - 25 min read

7 Key Elements of a Great eCommerce Marketing Email

Ecommerce emails are a powerful form of communication brimming with possibilities for interaction. From irresistible subject lines or tempting preview...

Article - 23 min read

How to Start Email Marketing for eCommerce

It is no secret that email marketing is still one of the best ways to engage your customers, boost those...

Article - 19 min read

11 Email Marketing Ideas for eCommerce Companies

The more marketing emails you write, the more practiced you become at choosing the right format, keeping the copy engaging,...

Article - 17 min read

Email Marketing For eCommerce: Why Is It Important?

You’ve probably sent out a newsletter or two and used email marketing for your eCommerce. But here’s the burning question:...

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Article - 23 min read

Best eCommerce Email Marketing Tools for Your Online Store

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely decided to upgrade your eCommerce marketing strategy, started looking for the tool to help...

Article - 20 min read

Types of eCommerce Marketing Emails to Drive More Sales

So, you’ve decided to level up your business and use email marketing to boost sales? Excellent! Before you send your...

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Article - 19 min read

9 Metrics for Evaluating Your eCommerce Email Marketing Performance

You’re tracking open rates, click-through rates, and bounce rates, and hardly seeing any progress with your eCommerce email campaigns? If...

Article - 18 min read

Critical eCommerce Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

You’ve meticulously categorized the products on your eCommerce site, streamlined the payments, polished your social media presence, and now you...

Article - 17 min read

5 eCommerce Email Marketing Campaigns You Should Use

eCommerce owners can feel disconnected from their consumer base because the entirety of their business takes place online.  That makes...

Article - 18 min read

5 eCommerce Email Marketing Best Practices to Follow

When people hear the words eCommerce marketing, their minds are likely to spring to paid advertisements, showy banners, and social...

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Article - 17 min read

How to Use Email Marketing to Reduce Cart Abandonment

Many online shoppers have developed this habit: they click and save many items in their shopping cart and then stop...

Article - 17 min read

eCommerce Email Marketing: The Definitive Guide

eCommerce has changed the face of sales by enabling customers to buy goods from all over the world in just...

Article - 18 min read

6 Email Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your eCommerce Sales

Influencing your customers’ buying decisions can be tricky for eCommerce business owners. Your customer base is made up of people...

Article - 2 min read

Smart Tips for SMS Marketing Campaign

SMS marketing is one of the most successful marketing tool and marketing teams across the world are successfully using it...

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Article - 6 min read

Best Shopify Apps You Must Have In 2022 – Updated

It’s not hard to feel overwhelmed when browsing through the hundreds of apps available for Shopify.As a business owner, you...

Article - 5 min read

5 Best Email Marketing Subject Lines to Get the Reader’s Attention

Email marketing – the easiest, and by far most cost-effective way to boost your sales by a whopping 138%. The...

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Article - 3 min read

How To Convert Visitors Into Subscribers And Ultimately Customers

As an e-commerce store owner time is crucial, here at Flashy we believe in giving you the best result with...

Article - 9 min read

Automation Tools To Free Up Some Time in Your Schedule

1. ManyChat Facebook messenger marketing is one of the widely used marketing tactics that most businesses are making use of....

Article - 7 min read

5 Mistakes To Avoid When Picking MailChimp Alternative

Newsletters are a huge revenue generator for businesses. A good mailing list can generate 50%-90% of your sales for any...

Article - 8 min read

7 Ways to Stay Ahead of Your E-commerce Competition

Brick-and-mortar stores are taking a hit and e-commerce businesses seem to be eating up the retail world. Recently, most of...

Article - 15 min read

How to Generate E-commerce Sales Using Facebook Advertising

Before, all you needed to grow a social media following was some creativity. Today, you also need to add some...

Article - 12 min read

15 Best Books for eCommerce & Email Marketing

Most business people don't realize that reading books can help them succeed as an entrepreneur. Therefore, they don't give enough...

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Increase Sales Today

Article - 9 min read

Picking The Best Affiliate Plugin for WooCommerce

Are you looking to start your own affiliate management program? Over the years, a large number of businesses have jumped...

Article - 29 min read

10 Actionable Ecommerce Marketing Strategies That Work

Whether your business is just starting out or it has become a well-established customer base, you need effective e-commerce marketing...