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Flashy’s marketing plugin for WooCommerce combines your historical and current data into one powerful resource.

Built-In Funnels

Instantly view data that matters most to a business owner with information-rich charts. Create actionable goals that produce results.

All-In-One Platform

With Flashy, all of your marketing activities are in one convenient place. From popups to segmented emails to targeted Facebook audiences, you can reach any customer with the right message at the right time.

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Convert Visitors Into Buying Customers

In this day in age it is not uncommon for businesses to see 99% of their traffic leave without ever purchasing. What if you can convert just 1% of that traffic with a proven technique used by large corporations? It’s simple to do yet very effective, with Flashy we can set triggers throughout a customer’s journey and keep their attention focused on your brand.


Improve The Shopping Experience While Increasing Cart Value

Why just leave it up to the customer? When a customer adds an item to their cart, it’s time to be proactive and go for the upsell. With Flashy, you can automate upselling popups that are proven to consistently increase average order value. Offer them items they can’t refuse, and watch the extra revenues roll in.


Key Reports and Insights Beautifully Displayed in Easy-to-Read Charts

Instantly view data that matters most to a business owner with information-rich charts. Create actionable goals that produce results.

Dynamic Content

Each Customer is Special and Should Be Treated That Way

Show your customers you know them! Remind them of products they’ve viewed, recommend items they’ll love, and treat VIP customers with top priority..

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Powerful Features For Your Business Growth

Our platform is ever evolving with new enhancements. Flashy helps you grow better, smarter and faster through a deep understanding of your customers and improvement of the value you bring to them.

Website Tracking

Follow every action each customer makes and use to your advantage

Product Recommendations

Offer customers products based on what they purchased and viewed

Dynamic Coupons

Send each customer a unique single use coupon code

Social Ads

Create custom audiences on social networks to target your demographics and lookalikes

Unified Customer Profile

View historical data of each customer such as products viewed, purchases, attribution, last seen and more

Advanced Segmentation

Send highly targeted, effective emails tailored to your customers’ interests

Customer Attribution

Identify a detailed journey of each individual customer since their first visit

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Learn our trade secrets and strategies of marketing automation

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