Head-to-head MailChimp
Marketing Automation Flashy MailChimp
Marketing Journey
Automation Workflow
Full eCommerce Integration
Website Activity Tracking
Number of triggers 17 1
Number of actions 11 1
Smart Website Popups Flashy MailChimp
Collect Leads
eCommerce Integration
Website Activity
Number of triggers 8
Number of conditions Unlimited
Mobile Responsive or Mobile Version
Email Marketing Flashy MailChimp
Email Campaigns
Open / Click Tracking
eCommerce KPI's
Google Fonts
Mobile Responsive / Mobile Version
Dynamic Products
Dynamic Content
Contact Lists & Customer Profile Flashy MailChimp
Contact Lists Management
Customer Profile 360ยบ
eCommerce Segments
Lanading Pages Flashy MailChimp
Landing Pages
SMS Marketing Flashy MailChimp
SMS Campaigns
Click Rate
eCommerce KPI's
Community Marketplace Flashy MailChimp
Pre-built Automations (View)
Pre-built Popups (View)
Email Templates (View)
Pricing Flashy MailChimp
5,250 Contacts $119 $75 (Premium Plan $299)
10,250 Contacts $193 $99 (Premium Plan $299)
20,250 Contacts $302 $189 (Premium Plan $399)

MailChimp Alternatives FAQ

We know what you are dealing with when switching from MailChimp, here are some of the questions that will help you migrate easily.

Which package did you compare?

Apart from the prices we compared the best package of Flashy to the best package of MailChimp, for the prices we brought their recommended package which is the Standard Plan

Can I import all my contacts from MailChimp?

Absolutely yes, we have developed integration with MailChimp so that with one click you can import all your contact lists and contacts effortlessly.

Do you offer support for moving from MailChimp to Flashy?

Of course, you are welcome to contact us and arrange a migration call in which we will help you to set up the entire Flashy account quickly includsing automations, popups and email templates.

How can I learn all the options of the Flashy platform?

More features allow to create better and effective marketing journeys. We created an academy with targeted videos that are categorized according to the goals you want to achieve. Click to view the academy, and not only that you can import your own accounts - automations, popups, and email templates directly from the community marketplace to your Flashy account Click to view marketplace.

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