Create Accurate Segments That Update in Real Time

Create precise segments for highly targeted customer messaging via SMS. Send customized coupons, product suggestions, and messages to customers who just need that extra little push to action.

Customer Personalization

Win Your Customers’ Hearts With a Personal Touch

With an unlimited number of personal information fields at your disposal, you can easily add your customer’s first name, favorite products and much more to your SMS messages. When it comes to customer loyalty, a little personalization goes a long way!

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SMS Automation

The Right Message Deserves the Right Timing

Our Marketing Automation services allow you to choose the exact moment when your messages will be sent. Automatically send a message to a customer who abandons their cart or to a visitor who repeatedly views a certain web page. Timing is everything, and with Flashy, getting the timing right is easy.


Send Messages in Your Programming Language of Choice

Send messages in POST request in any language you choose, or visit our ready libraries for quick development. Read our API documentation. Read our API documentation

$send = $flashy->sms->send(array(
                        "to" => "972526845430",
                        "from" => "Flashyapp",
                        "message" => "Hello world from Flashyapp."

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Tools To Power Your Business

Powerful Features For Your Business Growth

Our platform is ever evolving with new enhancements. Flashy helps you grow better, smarter and faster through a deep understanding of your customers and improvement of the value you bring to them.

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