Engage the customer in a diversity of ways

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Around 76% of shoppers forget to check out. Using cross-platform notifications you can bring them back to your online store to complete a purchase. Adjust the delay between these follow-ups, and personalize messages to drive conversions.

Repeat Purchases

Using push notifications marketing you can follow up customers' purchases with offers they can't resist. Run automated loyalty programs that will reward your users for being active, encourage repeat purchases and make their loyalty even stronger.

Special Offers Promotion

With our push notifications automation tool, you can notify your customers about seasonal sales, special offers and discounts by sending them mobile and web pushes to draw more attention to your products.


Web & Mobile marketing engagement platform

Rich media

Make your push notifications more attractive by attaching images, gifs, videos and other types of media.

Deep Linking

Send users to relevant pages of your web and mobile applications to gain more conversions with the help of deeplinks inserted in your push messages.


Find out what messages work best and fine-tune your campaigns according to A/B-tests results.

Dynamic Content

Stand out among your competitors by creating personalized campaigns. Insert customer information into your messages to increase relevance & engagement.


Create audience segments depending on user information and choose the most effective approach to each of them.


Evaluate the success of your push notifications marketing campaigns by tracking the number of sent push notifications, CTR, and open rate.


Build and automate your cross-channel marketing campaigns

Customer Journey is a visual tool that allows marketers to design and launch behavior-based email and push notification campaigns that engage customers at every stage of their lifecycle.

You can now deliver the most relevant and timely messages to retain users, increase conversions and customer LTV. Optimize every touchpoint throughout the customer journey. Push notifications management is easy with Pushwoosh user engagement platform. The most reliable notification service!


A solid platform with great customer service.

Flashy and my email are my main tools. With Flashy I send my clients emails, I create automation for cart abandonment, welcome mes...

Asaf Galon

The variety of options that open up for my clients in managing customer journeys by segment, in managing the customer club and in...

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Add Push Notifications To Your Mobile Marketing Strategy