Automation Tools To Free Up Some Time in Your Schedule

Karin Yarhi

1. ManyChat

Facebook messenger marketing is one of the widely used marketing tactics that most businesses are making use of. And it is not hard to see why. A study reveals that open rates for Facebook Messenger are approx 50 to 80%. If you have not used this technique yet, we suggest you try out ManyChat. Counted among the top bot platforms on Facebook messenger, this powerful automation tool allows you to present your eCommerce venture to the world and boost the conversions. It supports drag-and-drop interface, which helps you create Facebook Messenger bots without using any codes. ManyChat integrates with your eStore and lets you send text, audio, cards, and images. It also allows you to create a custom automated replies for common questions. The tool automatically sends messages based on keywords. What makes it unique from similar automation tools is, it simply connects with Google Sheets Hubspot, Shopify, and many more popular platforms.Get ManyCHat


Flashy is our own tool that gives you complete marketing automation for your eCommerce store. It allows you to know your customer’s journey in real time and help them make the right decision with email, SMS, and push notification. Our marketing automation feature lets you send a personalized message to all of your contacts at just the right moment. No matter if you have millions of customers, you can make a personal connection with all your customers. It supports user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, making it easy for you to guide customers in the right direction. With Flashy, you can create pop messages to allure subscribers, collect leads, and minimize cart abandonment. Also, you can engage with visitors who view or add your products to their carts but do not make a purchase. Its Win Back automation feature enables you to reactive your customers by sending them personalized offers and content. For email marketing, it has a wide range of fully customized templates help you create effective emails for different purposes. There are several ways you can segment your contacts through our app and precisely target your audience based on purchase history, website activity LTV and more. Keeping track over your email campaign is also like a piece of cake with Flashy. It puts all the essential data into an easy-to-understand format that you can use in your next email campaign. Isn’t it great? It is worth mentioning here that, automated email messages have 70.5% higher open rate and a 152% higher click-through rate than a standard marketing message. So, benefit from this all-in-one solution for marketing automation.Get Flashyapp

3. Contalog

No one can better relate to this than an eCommerce merchant that how difficult it is to run an online store without having proper inventory management. Even a survey uncovers, inventory management is a big challenge for eCommerce retailers. We observe, to tackle this situation, more and more eCommerce businesses are making use of Contalog. This automated inventory & order management system helps you monitor stock levels and inventory status without making many efforts. It synchronizes all the information across different sale channels so that you can make an informed decision. Contalog is capable of managing a wide range of product attributes. Also, it is intelligent enough to prefigure inventory level requirements. All the entrepreneurs who want to enhance the customer experience on their stores must get this tool.Get Contalog

4. Basecamp

Selling products online needs a lot of planning; businesses have to do research on what products should be offered, how to display them, how to process orders and keep track of the available inventory. To optimize all these functions, you need a strong team with excellent management skills and an enormous amount of time to supervise them. Fortunately, project management tools like Basecamp helps you with it. It enables you to strengthen your accountability and communicate more efficiently by keeping all your team members on the same page. You can create to-do lists and assign tasks to one or more people. It also features a message board where you can keep the entire conversation about a specific topic on a single page. In addition to this, Basecamp lets you add schedule events that every member on the project can see. You don’t need to inform all your employees individually. If you want to save your business hours, get this tool.Get BaseCamp

5. Zendesk

This is no brainer anymore that delivering excellent customer service is massively essential to success in the eCommerce sector. However, the time and commitment it demands can exhaust anyone. Luckily, tools like Zendesk are there to help you out. Zendesk is a cloud-based tool consolidates all your networks for customer support; whether it is phone or chat. Designed to provide a consistent experience to both your customers and support team, it has all the key features an eCommerce merchant need to offer a robust help desk solutions to their customers. With Zendesk, you won’t need to use different communication tools. Moreover, since it pops up question fields, your customers can clarify their specific concerns quickly. In short, the tool helps your customers connect to the right support staff member that saves vast time on both ends. According to a survey conducted by Microsoft, 96% of customers across the globe say customer service is an essential factor in their choice of loyalty to a brand. Another study from confirms that a large number of customers contact customer service. So, if you want to take your eCommerce business to the next level, you need a solution like Zendesk to automate your customer support service.Get Zendesk

6. Buffer

Social media has turned into a powerful tool for eCommerce businesses. Not only it helps in engaging with customers but also increases the direct sales. And automation tools like Buffer, making it easier for eCommerce companies to utilize social media channels better for marketing. This smart tool enables a user to schedule social media post throughout the day by setting dates and times manually. Using this tool, you can line up all your social media posts with just a few mouse clicks. What makes Buffer unique is, you can integrate it with several applications and extensions. It means you can add posts to your Buffer account from anywhere on the web. Moreover, using the Buffer browser plugin, you can schedule it right from the web page itself. The tool can also be connected to several RSS readers, like Pocket, Feedly, etc.Get Buffer

7. Mantis

Most eCommerce businesses don’t realize, but bugs can be pure poison to their eCommerce stores. If no one tells you that there is an error on your site, you may end up losing visitors without even knowing the reason. Mantis automation tool is a great rescuer for this issue. This open-source bug tracking software helps you track bugs for all your eCommerce projects. Written in PHP, it supports all type of operating systems on the server side such as Linux, windows, and macOS. It is easy to download and install. The software updates issues by sending emails and comments.

8. Loyalty Points by Bold

Loyalty Points by Bold is an excellent automation tool for eCommerce merchants who want to retain customers with loyalty programs. The tool automates retention procedure by rewarding customers points on their purchase, registration, and more. The tool gives you total control on increasing the reward points on the products that are less popular on your store. The good thing is anytime you want; you can turn off your loyalty program with a few mouse clicks. Remember, loyalty programs help you to build loyal fans who promote your brand to their friends and family. So, if you want to start an effective loyalty program, get this app, which is free for under 50 loyalty members.

We all know how time-consuming it is to drive product sales by creating promotional content, marketing email newsletters, social media content, and more. You have a beautiful website and amazing products that need to get in the hands of the right buyers. It's hard work, and it takes a lot of creative effort to get the word out and drive traffic from your customers and target market. Don't fret elink is your e-commerce marketing automation life-saver! is an easy to use all-in-one marketing automation tool. You can create curated product email newsletters, stand-alone web pages, embeddable product collections for your website/blog, Instagram shoppable social bio links, and more in minutes! Create your content in minutes by simply adding product web links, social media post weblinks, video weblinks, etc. into elink's platform. elink will automatically turn each link into a visual tile with an image, title, and description that you can customize. Once your weblinks are added, you can add a quick header, choose from 30+ layouts and click publish and voila! Your email newsletter, single web page, or embeddable website content is ready to go! elink is the fastest content curation tool on the planet and will help you simplify and automate your e-commerce marketing efforts!Get Elink

10. Google Alerts

In eCommerce business (In fact, in every industry), it is crucial that you stay informed about what’s new in your particular niche and what your competitors are doing. Fortunately, it is not a time-consuming process anymore like it used to be. Google Alerts is an excellent automation tool that enables you to do competitive research and market research on your brand. It is a free tool from Google itself. Using it is quite straightforward, you have to set alerts for specific keywords, public figure, or brand based on your niche. Whenever a new content arrives on the web for your set keyword, you will get an email from Google Alerts with a link to that content.Get Google Alerts

11. Product Reviews Addon

Reviews play a crucial role in influencing buying decisions. When someone leaves a positive review on your product, it builds the trust of new customers naturally and encourages them to shop more confidently. Although there are plenty of tools available in the market that helps in automating reviews, Product Reviews Addon is particularly designed for Shopify. So, if you run a Shopify store, it is worth trying. This fantastic app automatically asks customers to leave product reviews after receiving the products. As it automates review requests, it is convenient for customers to give a review. Thus your eStore earns customer trust and ultimately generates more sales. You can install it like any other plugin and collect different types of reviews such as photo review, website review, and more.

Final Words

If you’re already using any of the tools mentioned above, do share your experience with us. If we have missed any of your favorites, let us know, we would be happy to update our post.

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