Smart Tips for SMS Marketing Campaign

Karin Yarhi

SMS marketing is one of the most successful marketing tool and marketing teams across the world are successfully using it to market products and services. There are some companies that base their entire marketing campaign on text message marketing. Well, if you aren’t ready to put in all your marketing money into SMS marketing then put in only a fraction. Thus, you will be able to gauge the conversion rates and decide whether this direct marketing channel works for your business or not. Here are some smart tips to improve the impact of your text message marketing campaign.

Identify your target customers

You have to segment your customers so that the right people receive your SMSs. No one wants to receive irrelevant or unwanted messages and the same goes for your customers as well. Thus, you must first identify your target customers and then send messages that are useful for them. There’s no better way to improve your conversion rate than running a targeted text message marketing campaign.

Get the timing right

You must always fine tune the timing of your SMSs campaign as that holds the key to success. Send in SMSs at the opportune moment so that your customers can make the most of it which in turn improves the conversion rates of your text message marketing campaign. For instance, you can send in your SMSs on weekends when your customers actually go shopping. On the other hand, you can schedule the SMSs when your customer buys a particular product. Keep changing the timing of SMS marketing campaign according to your marketing needs.

Triggered messages are immensely effective

Try to send in the SMS when your customer is actually buying a particular product or if they haven’t had the opportunity to come to your store for a long time. Send them messages with attractive deals that are triggered by similar events mentioned earlier. This makes the SMS marketing campaign even more effective.

Stop Spamming

There’s no point sending a deluge of SMSs to your customers every now and then – this is highly unethical and makes you a spammer. We all have spammers and if you too turn into one, your customer are going to hate you too. The mantra is to not overdo things and maintain some sanctity during your text message marketing campaign. Keep it short, simple and sweet, so that your customers really look forward to your messages.

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