Find your platform to get the instructions for uninstalling Flashy from your site.

Uninstall from Shopify

  1. Open your Shopify admin
  2. Navigate to Sales Channels and select Online Store
  3. Click on Themes Locate the Actions drop-down on the page and select Edit Code
  4. Click on theme.liquid and delete the codes below
<script id="flashy-tracker" data-version="1.0">
	'use strict'; (function (a, b, c) { if (!a.flashy) { a.flashy = function () { a.flashy.event && a.flashy.event(arguments), a.flashy.queue.push(arguments) }, a.flashy.queue = []; var d = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0], e = document.createElement(b); e.src = c, e.async = !0, d.parentNode.insertBefore(e, d) } })(window, 'script', 'https://js.flashyapp.com/thunder.js'), flashy('init', 47);
<script id="flashy-pixels">
	// including everything that inside this tag.

Uninstall from Wordpress

  1. Open your Wordpress admin
  2. Navigate to Plugins and find WP Flashy Marketing Automation
  3. Click on Deactivate and then on Delete