Install via Google Tag Manager

How to install our JavaScript API via Google Tag Manager

  1. Sign-in to your google tag manager account and click on "Tags".
  2. Click on "New".
  3. Name your tag "Flashy Base Pixel".
  4. Click on "Tag Configuration".
  5. Choose "Custom HTML"
  6. Paste in the Base Pixel to the "HTML" field. (Click to get the Base Pixel).
  7. Click on "Triggering"
  8. Choose "All Pages".

That's it! you are good to go.

Flashy Undefined Error

When you use Flashy in tag manager and also outside of the tag manager it can cause error, you will be able to see it in the website console "flashy undefined", make sure to add event listener until the Tag Manager loaded with Flashy tag and it's ready to use.

    window.addEventListener('onFlashy', function() {
        // Flashy global vriable ready to be used.