Import eTickets Catalog

You can import your ecommerce tickets catalog to Flashy for dynamic content, product recommendations, artificial intelligence segmentations and a lot more .

We currently support 3 methods to import the tickets catalog:

  • JSON
  • XML
  • CSV

File Preparation

When you create your file, here are the fields you can use.

Download Sample CSV File

* is a are required field, if you using CSV the order of the columns must be the same.

We highly recommend to schedule the import for the eTickets daily, you can do it from the catalog page on Flashy platform.

If you using CSV, please download the sample file to make sure everything is correct and in the same order.

id*event id (internal ID of this presentation)stringPP123
title*event Namestring#12 Nike Running Shoes
link*Link to the event website urlstringhttps://www...
image_link*Link the event image website urlstringhttps://www...
descriptionevent DescriptionstringNew model of...
priceThe price of the eventinteger199
product_typeCategory Name (Genre)stringmens>shoes>running
availabilitySold out or not indicationstringin-stock / out-of-stock
currencyCondition of the productstringnew / used
availabilityUsed for inventorystringin-stock / out-of-stock
brandPerformer / Artist / ProviderstringMiri Mesika / Adir Miller / Marvel
event_atThe date and time for the event (UNIX)timestamp1691045014262
event_audiencestringכרטיס חייל, אזרח ותיק
location_nameEvent location venue namestringהבימה, תיאטרון חולון, סינמה סיטי
regionThe general area of the eventstringהשפלה, גוש דן, הצפון
citystringחולון, ראשון לציון, תל אביב
item_group_idThe item groupintegeradir-miller
languagesThe language this activity was onstringhebrew, english
durationThe duration of the event in minutesinteger90
addressUsed for sending direction so needs to be the full addressstringDerech Menhem Begin 66, Tel Aviv, Israel
ratiopercentage of tickets leftinteger0.2


If you want to use Products Catalog as JSON URL for weekly the updates you have to return the results in the following structure:

     "success": true,
     "data": [