Import Products Catalog

You can import your products catalogs to Flashy for dynamic content, product recommendations, artificial intelligence and more.

We currently support 3 methods to import products catalog:

If you using Google Merchant CSV or Facebook Catalog you don't need to modify anything, we support this files.

  • JSON
  • XML
  • CSV

File Preparation

When you create your file, here are the fields you can use.

"*" is a are required field

We highly recommend to schedule the import for products once a week, you can do it from the catalog page on Flashy platform.

id*Item IDstringPP123
title*Item titlestring#12 Nike Running Shoes
descriptionItem informationstringNew model of...
link*Link to the productstringhttps://www...
image_link*Link the product imagestringhttps://www...
conditionCondition of the productstringnew / used
availabilityUsed for inventorystringin-stock / out-of-stock
priceThe price of the productinteger199
sale_priceSale priceinteger179
brandProduct brandstringNIKE
genderTarget audiencestringmale / female
age_groupAge target audienceinteger18
colorColor of the productstringblack
sizeSize of the productstring44 / S / M


If you want to use Products Catalog as JSON URL for weekly updates you have to return the results like this:

     "success": true,
     "data": [