Import Hotels Catalog

You can import your hotels catalog to Flashy for dynamic content, product recommendations, artificial intelligence segmentations and a lot more .

We currently support 3 methods to import the tickets catalog:

  • JSON
  • XML
  • CSV

File Preparation

When you create your file, here are the fields you can use.

Download Sample CSV File

* is a are required field, if you using CSV the order of the columns must be the same.

We highly recommend to schedule the import for the eTickets daily, you can do it from the catalog page on Flashy platform.

If you using CSV, please download the sample file to make sure everything is correct and in the same order.

id*Hotel ID (internal ID of this)stringH123
title*Hotel NamestringCalifornia Hotel
link*Link to the hotelstringhttps://www...
image_link*Link to image of the hotelstringhttps://www...
descriptionevent DescriptionstringNew model of...
product_typeCategorystringcouples or family or any other category
availabilityAvailable for booking or notstringin-stock / out-of-stock
countryThe country of the hotelstringUS
regionThe general area of the hotelstringCalifornia
cityThe city of the hotelstringSan Francisco
item_group_idHotel ID (internal ID of this)integerH123
addressUsed for sending direction so needs to be the full addressstring301 8th St #235, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States


If you want to use Products Catalog as JSON URL for weekly the updates you have to return the results in the following structure:

     "success": true,
     "data": [