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"Flashy does a great job in marketing automation for our sales sites. In many cases we have managed to reach up to a 16% increase in sales, and that is significant! It allows us to focus on site management rather than the endless pursuit of marketing to existing customers."

Israel Bohveld


"Flashy allows my clients to significantly increase revenue. With the advanced use of information collected from the site, the ability to see customer sales cycles and anticipate their behavior, allows us to interact with the customer at just the right moment. The increase in sales happened with Flash right from the first use, the advanced segmentation options contributed to increasing the conversion percentages and performing operations on the site in a personal and accurate manner."

Ido Navaro


"Thanks to Flash we have increased our customer revenue from 30K to over 300K in less than 3 months. By building automations that align with the popups and email marketing we have been able to significantly increase customers far beyond our expectations."

Simi sploter

Wave Group



"The simplicity, the user experience, the variety of integrations with many platforms! There is no other tool that offers all these things in one place..." Read More

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Asaf Galon


"Flash and my email are my main tools. With Flash I send my clients emails, I create automation for cart abandonment, welcome messages, post-purchase a..." Read More


Gal Herman

T.G Media

"The variety of options that open up for my clients in managing customer journeys by segment, in managing the customer club and in managing the mailing..." Read More

partner ecommerce products

Dvir What


"Flashy is one of the Best tools I have ever used. All the features, and the great staff, helped us increasing our revenue by 40% and more! Such an a..." Read More


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