Grow Your Business With Automation Made Easy

Easily connect with your visitors based on their actions and behavior. Distinguish your traffic between new, one-time or recurring customers, then utilize the data to target a precise message. It’s like hiring a marketing team that works for you 24/7.

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Email Marketing That Understands Every Customer

Drill down to the finest detail about your customers and leverage that information with a relevant targeted message. When you send a personalized email based on user behavior, you will see higher open, click-thru and conversion rates than ever before.

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Explore how to personalize your email marketing β†’

Convert Visitors Into Loyal Customers and Keep Them Highly Engaged

Increase Sales Today

No Credit Card Required. Pre-built Strategy.


Easily Connect To Your Existing Tools

Flashy integrates with your application tools with a single click for effortless data mapping and a crystal-clear picture of all your customer activities.

What Digital Marketing Experts Have To Say

Our partners are the leaders in digital marketing and customer experience. We listen to the needs of their customers and create technological solutions to help them reach (and surpass!) their business growth goals.

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"A platform for eCommerce players in the heart and soul who take their business seriously and want to raise their email marketing capabilities." Boris Kimelman
Founder @ bdigital