Customer Journey Builder

Create a Personalized 1-on-1 Customer Marketing Funnel

With an intuitive user interface, you can create a high level marketing journey that makes your customers feel known and valued. Cold contacts become loyal customers!

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Unified Customer Profile

Harness the Power of Customer Interaction with Flashy

Each interaction a customer does on your website gives us powerful intel and insight which we can use to follow up with a perfect message. Flashy utilizes this information to build the customer’s journey and can easily guide them to their destination.

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Omnichannel Marketing Automation

Communicate Continuously With The Customer On All Channels

From the moment a visitor arrives to your website you can communicate with them via personal popups, automated emails, text message via SMS and display ads on social networks - anything is possible and customizable to the customer’s behavior.

Unlimited Conditions

Send Accurate Messages In Real Time

We use condition based logic to help improve the messages you send. You can use countless conditions such as location, gender, order history, interests, age or website activity to check which actions were performed then send them the most accurate message.

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Visual Reports

Reports That Matter The Most

Easy to read analytics to make actionable updates. Know which campaign channel is driving the highest sales, leads, conversion rate, email opens, click rate and leverage that data for optimal performance.

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Increase Sales Today

No Credit Card Required. Pre-built Strategy.

A Wide Variety Of Triggers

We Are All Equal But Different, Create Your Own Journey That Defines Your Business Moto

A journey starts within the first millisecond upon landing to your website, every interaction a customer makes gives us more insight to guide them to the conversion path. It doesn’t stop with just a single conversion, the cycle continues for life-time value.

Tools To Power Your Business

Powerful Features For Your Business Growth

Our platform is ever evolving with new enhancements. Flashy helps you grow better, smarter and faster through a deep understanding of your customers and improvement of the value you bring to them.

Targeted Triggers

Over 13 key marketing triggers throughout the customer’s journey

Detailed Reports

Know exactly how many customers converted, revenue earned per campaign and more

8+ Actions

Email, Popups, SMS, Social Ads, and more

Customer Attribution

Identify a detailed journey of each individual customer since their first visit

Scheduled Automations

Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or even a first purchase with each customer

Marketing Funnel

Create an advanced marketing funnel with multiple ways of communication channels and conditions

Website Tracking

Follow every action each customer makes and use to your advantage

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