Removal Requests through Third Party Platforms

As part of complying with international email marketing regulations, you are obliged to remove contacts who confirmed receiving an email from you if they request their removal or the deletion of personal data you've gathered about them. 

Such removal may be executed in several ways:

  1. Contacts must have the option to remove themselves independently from your email list using an unsubscribe link that you are obliged to include in all marketing communications you send (you can read this section of the guide describing how to add an unsubscribe link).
  2. Sometimes a contact will not remove themselves independently but ask that you do it for them, in reply to an email of yours for instance. In such cases, you will have to manually remove them from your mailing list as requested.
  3. A contact may request that you remove them and also delete all personal data you have collected about them, using a third-party platform designed to this end, you will then have to manually do this as requested. 

In this article, we will discuss the third option, the one concerning an email you receive from a third-party platform requesting that you remove a certain contact from your mailing list or that you delete all personal data you have gathered about them. 

The example above is of an email you may receive from a platform called "Mine", used to manage "digital footprints". Mine users can request to see which mailing lists they are on as well as who holds personal data about them. Once the email address is verified they authorize the platform to send, on their behalf, emails to companies that have gathered personal data about them requesting its removal. 
It's important to note that if you receive an email like the one above you can find the contact in your Flashy account, remove them from your mailing list or delete all their personal data as requested.