Add an Unsubscribe Link

In this article, we will outline the simple process of adding an unsubscribe link.

In order to comply with email marketing laws, an unsubscribe link must be included in every email campaign or automation. One of Flashy’s unique features is the 100% flexibility we give you to place the unsubscribe link text anywhere you choose. It can be added in the form of a link or button. You also have the freedom to use any text you like as the link (such as “Click here to unsubscribe,” or “I don’t want to receive these emails”). 

How To Add an Unsubscribe Link

In the Content creation section of your campaign, add the unsubscribe link text wherever you like in your email. 

Highlight the unsubscribe link text and click on the link button in the text editor.

An “Insert Link” window will open. In the first space where it says “URL,” enter {{unsubscribe_url}} and click the OK button.

Your unsubscribe link text should now be ready to go for your email campaign or automation.