Attribution in Flashy’s Marketing Channels

In our Marketing Attribution Overview article, we explained the concept of attribution - assigning credit to the channel or campaign that produces a conversion. We also discussed how platforms like Facebook and Google have a conversion window, which is the amount of time a customer has to convert through their platform for the credit to be attributed to them. Flashy also has a method for determining attribution within its marketing channels, specifically email and SMS.

To illustrate this method, let’s say you send an email campaign to your contacts through Flashy. Of the contacts who click on the campaign and arrive at your website, some make a purchase, while others add items to their cart but don’t complete their purchase. 

In the case of the contacts who clicked and converted through the email campaign, the attribution goes straight to the campaign. The campaign report will display the conversion rate and amount of revenue this campaign generated (you can also view your combined revenue from email campaigns, SMS campaigns and automations under “Flashy Generated Revenue” in your Flashy dashboard).

Let’s say that the contacts who added items to their cart but didn’t complete a purchase are entered into a cart abandonment automation. After three hours, they receive an email or SMS  reminder about the items in their cart. They click the automation and complete the purchase. In this case, the attribution for the sales goes to the automation. 

In short, attribution within Flashy’s marketing channels is based on the most recent action performed by a contact. If their last action before the sale was to click on an email campaign, that’s where the credit will go. If they converted through an automation that was sent sometime after they viewed the campaign, the automation gets the credit. 

Again, this method of attribution within Flashy applies to SMS and email. For popups, we track leads and clicks - rather than sales - as conversions.

When it comes to identifying your most effective campaigns and channels, attribution is your best friend! Use attribution to gain a clear understanding of what’s working best for you and bring your sales to new heights.