Popups #1: Overview

Did you know that about 95% of visitors to a website will leave without performing any actions? They will not complete a purchase, leave their contact details, or do anything else to interact with the business. 

They are in, out, and gone...maybe for good. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s where popups come in.

Popups are all about communicating with the right person at the right time with the right message to achieve your business’ goals. They can turn visitors into loyal customers and casual browsing into completed sales. 

Such a powerful sales tool shouldn’t be entrusted to just any old platform. Here is why Flashy is your go-to platform for popups (and all things marketing):

Other marketing automation platforms tend to specialize only in one tool: only popups or only email marketing. This means that when you use several different platforms for your marketing needs, they’re not able to communicate with each other about your customers. Your popup platform might think someone is a first-time website visitor and ask them if they want to receive 10% off on their first purchase, while the email marketing platform knows they’re actually a returning customer. These platforms work in isolation; they can’t see the big picture. This makes for big problems and a poor user experience for your visitors and customers.

With Flashy, it’s a totally different experience. Flashy is an all-in-one marketing automation platform where all of your business information is in one place. We always know who your contacts are and where they are in their relationship with your business. Because we track all of your website activity, we can tell the difference between first-time visitors and returning customers. This means that we can create strong popup copy that is highly relevant to each individual who sees it. It results in better customer relationships and more sales for your business.

Types of Popups

Flashy features two different types of popups: 

  • “Leads Popup” - When your goal is convert website visitors to subscribers (and eventually, customers), this is the popup for you. In this popup, you might choose to offer a 10% off coupon for their first purchase, and ask for their email address in return (and remember, Flashy will only ask for email addresses from new visitors, not returning customers). Once you have an email address, you can begin to build a relationship with them and hopefully convert them from subscriber to customer. Flashy tracks how many people leave their details in this popup to determine its effectiveness.
  • “Clicks Popup” - The goal of this popup is to upsell, cross-sell, or notify contacts of a certain piece of information. It tracks how many people click on a specific link in the popup and how it performed. For example: An eCommerce business wants to offer free shipping on orders over $50. A customer adds $40 worth of items to their cart and is about to check out. A popup appears to tell them that if they just add $10 more to their order, they will get free shipping. Flashy will track how many people clicked on this link and added something to their cart.

Another great benefit of using Flashy’s popups is the opportunity for personalization. Utilize contacts’ profiles and event information to create popups that speak straight to the individual.

You can address them in an email with their first name - “Hi, Jim!” When Jim has a birthday coming up, reach out and offer him a little something - “We see you have a birthday coming up this month. Let us help you celebrate with this coupon for 10% off your purchase.” Adding a personal touch with your contacts goes a long way toward building a lasting, profitable relationship with them. 

Flashy makes it easy to design compelling popups that move your contacts to act and boost your sales. Ready to get started? Read our article on how to create popups in Flashy here.