Zapier and Integromat Integrations

Flashy is an all-in-one marketing powerhouse. But what if we told you that when you join Flashy, you gain even more than the services Flashy has to offer on its own? It’s true: We also support Zapier and Integromat, integration platforms that open up a world of options to make your business smarter, faster, and easier to manage.

Zapier and Integromat are “middlemen” platforms that facilitate communication between your platform and other platforms. When you integrate with one of these two, you can then integrate with many other platforms almost effortlessly. Because Flashy supports Zapier and Integromat, we also support all of the applications that use them as well - a few thousand! If you want to use a platform that Flashy is not directly integrated with, Zapier or Integromat is a must. 

Here are a few use cases to demonstrate the power of a partnership between Flashy and these platforms:

  • Facebook Lead Generation - When you create an ad on Facebook, you have the option to use their lead generation tool. When visitors click on the ad, Facebook presents them with a form requesting their information, thus generating a lead for you. If you don’t have a service like Zapier, you will need to go to Facebook and manually download your list of leads generated within a specific time period. But if you do have Zapier, it detects and fetches the lead from Facebook for you! Every time a lead is created on Facebook, a  contact will be created in Flashy. Zapier makes it easy to create different integrations - like this one, between Flashy and Facebook - without the help of a developer. Imagine the time and money saved!
  • Analytics Apps - If you take a look at Zapier’s site, you’ll find many different analytics apps that Flashy can integrate with through Zapier (in the Business Intelligence section, Analytics).  There’s Google Analytics, Zoho Analytics, Power Bi, and many more. Through Zapier, you can easily set it up so that every time customer information is updated on Flashy, it is also updated in one of these analytics apps. 
  • Customer Rewards - Let’s say that you are working with some rewards software. You decide to start a Flashy automation every time the software gives a customer rewards, telling them how many points they’ve received and the timeframe in which they can redeem them. Flashy itself may not be integrated with your particular rewards software, but if the software is integrated with Zapier or Integromat, no problem! We can integrate with them without making a separate development. They will talk between Flashy and the rewards software, and signal the start of the automation to begin the customer journey.

Below are YouTube links to introductory videos for Zapier and Integromat to help you get started:

Zapier 101: Getting Started with Zapier:

Integromat Feature Tour:

To use Flashy on Zapier, please follow this link for an invitation: 

To use Integromat, simply search for Flashy inside of the Integromat platform. 

Team up Flashy with Zapier or Integromat, and the possibilities for business growth are almost endless! Give it a try today, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance.