Dynamic Coupon Code

Coupons are powerful marketing tools. If a customer is on the fence about making a purchase - say they’ve put an item in their cart and then abandoned it - sending them an email after a few hours with an enticing coupon in it can make all the difference between clinching the sale or losing it. 

But you don’t want to send the same coupon code to every customer, so that it could potentially be shared and used repeatedly. That’s why Flashy created the dynamic coupon code. This powerful tool provides a way for unique codes to be injected into emails from specific coupon catalogs that you create. 

Ready to get started?

Creating Coupons

In your Flashy dashboard at the top of your screen, go to “Templates.”

Click on the template you want to use. 

In the Drag & Drop Elements menu on the right-hand side, click on “Dynamic Coupons” and drag and drop it into the template where you want it to be placed.

In the left-hand side bar under Data Source, it will say that a catalog must be created in order to add dynamic content to the email. Click on the blue “click here” link. 

This brings you to the Catalogs and Coupons page. Click the blue “Create Coupons” button. 

Enter a name for your coupon catalog and click “Create Catalog.”

Import the coupons file

Next you will need to import a CSV file of coupons that you want Flashy to send to your customers. If you need help preparing the file, please see our article on getting CSV files ready for import. When it is ready, click “Choose File” in the “Import Products from CSV” box.

After importing, go back to your template and refresh the page. In the left-hand menu you will see a Coupon Feed dropdown list. The catalog you imported should be listed there.

Repeat this process to import as many coupon catalogs as you like.

Flashy will now be able to take coupon codes from your catalog and send them to customers. Once a code has been sent, it will be deleted from the list so no one else can receive or use it.

You are now ready to enjoy the rewards that Flashy can bring to your business through coupons!