Use of Dynamic Parameters (contacts’ details) In SMS Messages

Flashy offers simple yet forceful ways to personalize emails and SMS messages that you send your clients. A personal note may be the difference between an opened message and one that a client ignores. 

Dynamic parameters are details that we collect about contacts, these may be used in emails as well as SMS messages. 

Dynamic Parameters in an Email Template

To add a dynamic parameter to an email template, drag a "Text" element to the desired position, or hover over an existing element that you wish to personalize. 

In the element's toolbar, there is a box titled "Contact's details".

Click on it and select the preferred contact detail. 

For instance, if you wish to greet your contact whilst using their first name, you will have to select "First name" from the list of contact details, this is what it will look like:

Hi {{first_name}}

In such case, when a contact of yours whose name is James will receive the communication, it will read "Hi James".  

What will happen if we have contacts for whom we do not have their first names? 
Don't worry, the detail {{first_name}} will not appear at all and the greeting received will read just "Hi" (with no name attached). 

Dynamic Parameters in SMS Messages

Dynamic parameters may be used in SMS messages too. 

Whilst creating the message a box containing a pair of curly brackets will appear, you may use this box for selecting the preferred dynamic parameters.