Automations Overview

Automations are at the heart of Flashy’s unique marketing power. This article provides an overview of automations - what they are and when they can be used. 

What are automations

Automations are a way to communicate with customers based on their behavior. You configure your automations in Flashy in the most effective way for your business. Once they’re set up, the automations occur automatically. Automations can be employed across many different channels: email, SMS, push notifications, marketing ads on social media, and so on.

Below are a few key terms you should know in order to fully understand automations:

  • Trigger - A customer action or inaction that signals that it’s time for an automation to start. Some examples of triggers are visiting a certain webpage, putting an item in the cart, or a specified amount of time elapsing post-purchase. It is possible for one automation to be started by a few different triggers. Flashy has an unparalleled 16 triggers to choose from and is adding more all the time!
  • Action - The event that happens after a trigger as specified by you. Some examples of actions are sending the customer an email, SMS, or push notification or subscribing them to a list.
  • Filter - Parameters that determine which of your customers will receive a certain automation. For example: In the Trigger Options section, you can set up a filter specifying that only new customers from the U.S. should be included in an automation.

When is an automation used

Here are a few scenarios to help demonstrate when an automation could be used:

  • When new contacts subscribe to your email list. You want to create a relationship with them, so you build a welcome automation that sends them a few emails based on their actions.
  • When customers place items in their cart but don’t complete the purchase (cart abandonment), they receive an email reminder containing the items they were considering.
  • When a customer completes a purchase, they receive an email asking for feedback on their shopping experience.

This is just a brief overview of the power of automations. For more details on working with automations, please see our articles on