Sharing Resources in Flashy

At Flashy, we know that our marketing agency users are busy supporting many different customers. You’re helping them create automations and templates for their marketing efforts and working to help them meet a wide variety of needs and goals. Your time is let Flashy help you save some of it!

We’re of the opinion that if something’s working well, why reinvent the wheel every time? That’s why we’ve created an option for you to easily share automations, popups and templates with as many different customers as you like. If the same automation fits the needs of five different customers, you can share it with all of them in a few short minutes. 

You can also choose to share your most successful automations and templates in the Flashy Marketplace on our site. Here you’ll find the best email templates, popups and automation funnels made by professional marketers with years of experience in designing customer journeys and business growth. The Marketplace is accessible to the community, and anyone can share or even sell something here. To access the Marketplace, go to the Flashy homepage and click on “Market” in the top right corner. 

Share Automations

To share an automation with a customer or on the Marketplace, go to Automations in your Flashy dashboard at the top of the screen. Open the automation you want to share, and click on the “Share” button in the top right corner of the screen. A window will open with some information fields to complete about your automation:

  • Title
  • Tags (if any)
  • Description
  • Category - eCommerce, SaaS, Gaming, or Bloggers
  • Objective - This is the goal of the automation. Choose from Onboarding, (Cart) Abandonment, Sales, or Transactional.
  • Include Email Templates - Here you can choose whether to share just the automation structure or to also include all the email templates within the automation. If you select “Yes,” all the templates - including the copywriting, images, and all other elements - will be shared.
  • Language you want to use in the automation
  • Price - Set the currency and cost of your automation. Please note: In order to sell an item in the Marketplace, you must first sign up for Flashy. We will then provide you with a link to create a Partner account so we can transfer your revenues to you. 
  • Private - If yes, a link will be created for you, and only the people with whom you share the link will be able to see the shared resources.
  • Include Statistical Information - If you have many automations and want to create a portfolio containing the best performing ones to showcase in the Marketplace, choose “Yes” for this option. Your statistics will then be shared publicly. 

When you are finished, click the blue “Share Automation” button. Your automation will be reviewed by Flashy, and if approved, you will receive a unique link for the shared resource. 

Share Popups

The process for sharing popups is very similar to that of automations. Go to Popups in your Flashy dashboard at the top of the screen. Open the popup you want to share, and click on the “Share” button in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Design - This option is unique to popups sharing. Choose the design of the popup: modal, small banner, or side banner. 

Follow the same process of completing the information, and click “Share Popup.” 

Share Template

Sharing templates is even easier. Go to Templates at the top of the screen to get started, find the one you want to share, fill in just a few pieces of requested information, and click “Share Template.”

When you’ve got something great - whether it be an automation, popup or template - share it! It’ll save time and effort for you and your customers, and may even make you some extra revenue in the Marketplace. And don’t forget to check out what others are sharing as well. When we’re open to sharing and learning from each other, everybody wins!