General Report for All SMS Campaigns

Flashy provides a general report about all the SMS campaigns you have sent.

To view the general report click "Reports" on the flashy toolbar, then click "SMS campaigns".

If necessary, you can define a time range for campaigns to be included in the report by setting the desired dates in the upper left-hand corner.

  • Please note that there are differences in the time ranges available for display between the different Flashy price plans. Click here to read about the differences between available price plans. 

Quick Survey

Under "Quick survey" the following information will be displayed:

Campaigns sent – the total number of SMS campaigns sent.

Successfully delivered total – the total number of SMS messages that were successfully delivered to clients (a message will be successfully delivered providing that the phone number is a valid one and that the cellular service provider did not reject the message). 

Total unique clicks – the number of recipients who clicked on links within the SMS messages. 

Failed – the number of messages that were not delivered (for instance, due to invalid phone numbers / inoperative numbers / kosher phones, etc.)

Sales Performance

Under "Sales performance" the following information will be displayed:

Total revenue – how much revenue was generated by the campaigns (as a result of clicking on links within messages). 

Total purchases – the total number of purchases made as a result of the campaigns. 

Average conversion rate – the percentage of contacts who clicked on links in the campaigns, and made purchases. 

Average campaign revenue – the average revenue per campaign, e.g. if two campaigns were sent, one generated revenue of 2,000 $ and the other 1,000 $ then the average campaign revenue displayed will be 1,500 $. 

Average SMS revenue – the average revenue per SMS, i.e. the total revenue generated by the campaigns divided by the number of successfully delivered messages.


Under "Campaigns" you can see all the SMS campaigns you sent. 

Beside each SMS campaign, you can see how many contacts the campaign was sent to, how many of them received the message, and the number of contacts who clicked on the link within the message. 

Also beside each campaign, there is a "View Report" button – click it to view a detailed report for the campaign. Click here to read more about SMS campaign reports

Best Performers per Set Goal 

Under "Best performers per set goal" you will see campaigns that generated the best results in several aspects: 

Maximum revenue – the campaign which generated the most revenue.

Maximum sales – the campaign which generated the largest number of sales.Click-through rate – the campaign that generated the highest rate of clicks (on links within the messages).