How to test Automations

The success of automation depends on the number of tests you perform before operating it, to make sure everything is working properly: the messages are correct, look the way you want and arrive in the correct order.

Duplicate the automation and create a test before running

Once you have created the automation journey, go to the main automation page.

You will see that next to each of the automations you have created, four action buttons will appear on the left side (when you hover on the template).

Duplicate the automation you want to test by clicking the blue copy button on the left.

The purpose of duplication is so that you can do two things:

Leave one version of tests that will not damage your stats.

Add a trigger that only you can enter into this automation for testing.

Creating a trigger for a test purpose

Once you have duplicated the automation, enter the edit mode of the duplicate automation by clicking on it (or the edit button on the left).

Now delete the triggers that were in the original automation.

Add a trigger that only you can enter into automation to check that the journey is correct.

We recommend using the "Updated Customer" trigger and then updating your Flashy contact information to start the journey.

  • To do this, click on "Add Start Trigger" and then select "Updated Client".
  • Choose when the first name is updated - then the journey will begin.
  • To make sure that only you enter the automation, add in the filters that the e-mail must be yours alone.

General Note - If you have long waiting times within the trip, you can edit them for a few minutes to see the sequence of messages without the long wait. Because it's an automation test it will not affect the original automation you created.

Now turn on the automation by changing the automation mode button to "On" (at the top left of the screen).

We have now updated your first name in your contacts profile:

  • Click the search button on your contacts screen.
  • Look for your details and enter your contact card.
  • Update the first name.

You have now entered automation and your journey will begin.

Once you have checked that everything is fine and the messages are exactly as you wanted, you will be ready to activate the original automation in LIVE, and edit your first name in Flashy back.